The Wolfpack

Four women and one man got in a white Tahoe. We had met each other before. We had even camped together before, but we were basically strangers. There were twelve travelers total and three vehicles, but we had assigned ourselves to the Tahoe, which also packed most everyone’s duffel, sleeping bags, and pillows. Fourteen days [...]


Musical Notes

I've always been "musical". I started taking piano lessons at five years old. I played the violin for eight years and I was in the Waco Girl's Choir for two. But about two years ago, I started learning how to play the guitar. I've tried to learn before. I've had a guitar sitting around the [...]

Top 5 Recommitments for 2017

The year is now 2017. 2016 brought more conflict about important matters, bickering about much less important matters, and general weirdness than any of us expected. But hey, we made it out alive (which was really a touch-and-go situation for a while when those creepy clowns popped up out of nowhere). At the beginning of [...]

Label me. 

Recently, Tomi Lahren appeared for an interview on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah. At one point, Trevor referred to Tomi as a "conservative", to which she replied,"Well, I'm a Millennial, so I don't like labels." I've heard this more than once. Textbooks say it. My generation says it. I hate it. I once had [...]

Choose Humanity, 2016

Despite your party affiliation, every American can agree that this election has been nothing short of ugly. I won't say it's the ugliest our government has ever been. After all, Preston Brooks once beat Charles Sumner within an inch of his life with a cane after a  Senate meeting back in 1856, all because Sumner [...]