Musical Notes

I’ve always been “musical”. I started taking piano lessons at five years old. I played the violin for eight years and I was in the Waco Girl’s Choir for two. But about two years ago, I started learning how to play the guitar.

I’ve tried to learn before. I’ve had a guitar sitting around the house for just about as long as I can remember. My dad often played for me when I was little and I remember working the play and stop buttons on our cassette player as Dad played chords along with Gary Allen’s “Smoke Rings in the Dark” until he figured it out. He is more talented than I will ever be.

I took a couple of lessons in middle school, but it never really stuck. My fingers fumbled with such a large fretboard, and strumming was completely foreign to me.

But one night when I sat in my apartment in Waco by myself, I realized that I needed something good in my life. I was at a job I didn’t like where I felt overworked, underappreciated, and underpaid (but who likes their first job out of college anyway?). I was struggling to make the kind of friends that I actually wanted to spend time with, and I was renting a really wonderful townhome style apartment across town from my mom which made me feel very independent, but also lonely.

So I picked up my guitar, and I pulled up a YouTube tutorial. I tried to play along, but I sounded just as bad as before. This time was different though. I needed this creative outlet, so I jumped in full-force.

I played for a couple of hours a day and barely made any progress. I would take my guitar to my mom’s just to show her that I had learned a new song made up of the same three chords as the last one and would fumble through the whole thing. Still, I kept with it.

That was more than two years ago now. I’m honestly not too much better, but I can figure out most songs and most chords. Solo’s and riffs still evade me, but I’m trying. Recently, I’ve decided to take another big leap with my guitar: recording videos of myself for YouTube. This is scary, but it fits perfectly with my Number Four Recommitment for 2017, “Get Out of Your Bubble”.

I recorded my first attempt two weeks ago and shared it on Facebook with my friends and family. God bless them because they loved it and were incredibly encouraging. So, to continue jumping out of my bubble, I’m sharing this with you now.

I’ve been playing an instrument or singing for 20 years now, and I am nowhere near perfect. Most of the time I’m not even very good. But for me, music is something I need. It makes the world better. It’s a place to put emotions. It tells stories that are worth telling. And, it is a part of my life that I absolutely could not imagine removing.


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