Top 5 Recommitments for 2017

The year is now 2017. 2016 brought more conflict about important matters, bickering about much less important matters, and general weirdness than any of us expected. But hey, we made it out alive (which was really a touch-and-go situation for a while when those creepy clowns popped up out of nowhere).

At the beginning of the new year, it is customary to declare several goals as your “resolutions” for the year. Resolutions, though, seem to be all about drastic change and radical solutions to everyday problems. I am not a fan.

Instead, I choose to “recommit” to smaller decisions that must be made every day and add value to my life. I will have to recommit to these things on a near daily basis, and there will be days (weeks?) where my commitment is lacking. Fortunately, there will also be days (weeks?) when I am fully committed and my success will motivate future commitment.

So, without further ado, I give you my “Top 5 Recommitments for 2017”.

Say no to carbs (sometimes).

I figured we would just knock this stereotypical recommitment right out of the way. I have a weakness for bread and potatoes…and pizza…and cheese…and pie. In reality, this should be titled “Say no to carbs (most of the time),” but I’m leaving myself some wiggle room. On to the next much better, much more insightful, wise-sounding recommitments.

Get out of your bubble.

Ahh, the comfort zone. It is nice, and cozy, and safe, and warm, and you need to run out of it as fast as you can. First, let me say that the comfort zone does have its purpose. When your heart or soul is healing from a bad break-up or something otherwise traumatic, by all means, retreat into your comfort zone. The trick is knowing when to leave.

Neale Donald Walsch claimed that “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” and I’ll admit I have to agree.

New jobs are not in your comfort zone.

Adventure is not in your comfort zone.

Making new friends is not in your comfort zone (at least not for me. Business connections, yes. Actual friends, no.)

LOVE ISN’T IN YOUR COMFORT ZONE (cue “So This is Love” from Disney’s Cinderella).

Really, really great new food is not in your comfort zone!

True success, true happiness? Probably not in your comfort zone.

Now I’m not saying I’ll revert to Jim Carey in “Yes Man” and say yes to anything and everything, but this year when something makes me uncomfortable, I’m really going to take the opportunity and ask why I feel that way. If that uncomfortable feeling is based on an unreasonable fear of the unknown…I’m going to make an effort to say “yes”.

Believe it. Achieve it.

2016 was a year of real blessings for me. I started grad school at Texas State, I studied abroad in Paris and London and made some great friends. I moved in with an amazing man who teaches me what love and forgiveness are every day. I found out that I will graduate a semester early, my thesis proposal was approved, and I received a research grant that I thought was out of reach. That is the achievement part.

The believing part is much more difficult. I question my choices every day, and long ago I got into the habit that I would say outwardly that I believed in myself with all confidence, but internally I would tell myself that I wasn’t good enough.

Well, that felt vulnerable. See? I’m getting out of my bubble already.

While I’ve gotten much better at this, I still have a difficult time truly believing that good things will happen if I work for them. So next year, every time I feel myself starting to doubt myself or the outcome of a situation, I will recommit to believing it and achieving it, in that order.

Worry less. Be present more.

I hear that moms worry a lot, so I’m pretty sure I will be a nervous wreck when I finally have children at this rate.

I worry about realistic things like my budget and whether or not we have toilet paper at home, but I also worry about really insignificant things. Like whether my dog likes me (he does). Or what my game plan would be if a “Red Dawn” situation were to happen (I have checklists on my google drive and paper copies, just in case).

The truth is, worrying doesn’t help anything. It just stresses me out and makes my boyfriend wonder why I’ve eaten four slices of pizza in 2.1 seconds (see recommitment number one). We can prepare for future outcomes but if we focus on the future, you’ll miss out on today.

Besides, as you get older days go by much quicker, and I want to hold on to today’s moments as much as I can. So this year I’ll be singing “LET IT GO” at the top of my lungs whenever I can.

Childish? Yes. Effective? Also yes.

And last but not least…

Build others up.

In today’s world, it’s easy to tear someone down. Social media lets us argue with each other and say terrible things without regret. We make memes of other’s appearances, and we hate from afar.

But why?

This year, I want to be the helping hand. I want to pour goodness into people who really need it. I want to give genuine compliments freely and I want to find ways to truly help people around me, not just offer a few kind words.

Our own success is fine, but if we can find ways to help make others successful, we all win. That is true success.

So, what are your Recommitments for 2017? Tag me in your blog, or share in the comments!


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